Here is a slide show of photos via flickr of our most recent planting. Weber’s Nursery in Winchester, VA was having their 1/2 price summer sale, and Smithfield is overflowing with plants to divide. So Lynsi, Linus and I started this mega process this past weekend, by buying $20 worth of purple and mauve salvia, 2 coral bells, 2 butterfly bushes, 2 each of 2 kinds of ground cover that I can’t remember and 2 of some strange plant with pakisandra style leaves and green flowers. This is (unfortunately) how my gardening mind works– not very well. Lynsi surprised me on Sunday by planting over 20 salvia plants in front of the 2 southern windows in the new bed.

My part of the planting started at 5:40 this am– notice the shot with the moon on the horizon. I still can’t believe I was motivated to get up and dig that early. Lynsi joined me some time around 6am. We finished planting most of the purchased plants and then headed over to Smithfield’s Main House grounds to dig up Dutch and Japanese irises.

The results: 2 back-aches, a border of Japanese(?) irises under our windows, beautiful clematis ready to climb, 2 centrally placed butterfly bushes, some chaotic placements of perennials to contrast with the two distinct rows of salvia, and the resolve to post ad on craig’s list for plant bartering– Will Trade Plants for Weeding Labor.

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