Local Sheep Report by Linus Pritchard
(The local Sheep report consists of news about the sheep)

The main group of sheep are currently placed at Betsy Pritchard’s house. Two Lambs were given to Linus Pritchard at the beginning of April. Caramela  [ a lamb] has had her tag ripped off. This incident left her with a torn ear. “We don’t know how this happened’ says Linus Pritchard. The older lamb, [Ida] has been comforting her while Pritchard is away. Since it is Spring the sheep have started to move with the cows. We already have the ram with the cows.





Lamb Weigh-In

Ida and Caramela will be weighed on Saturday, April 25, 2015. The purpose of this weigh-in will be for the 4-H program. The club that Linus Pritchard is in is the Shenandoah Shamrocks. This will be a new approach for Pritchard’s lamb project.

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