About Nancy Polo

Art is an eloquent appeal to the senses from one human to whomever or whatever will look, listen and absorb. I have had a brush, pencil, or crayon in my hand without knowing entirely, but certainly completely feeling, what to say since childhood. Portraiture is one of a few ways I have found to express what words cannot. I also express myself with illustration, photography, and other subjects such as landscape, still life, and abstracted compositions.

I am an artist and a chef living on Smithfield Farm in Berryville, VA.  I was born and raised in the Washington DC area by parents who immigrated from Italy in 1962 and 1966. I have a BA from the College of William & Mary in Art History and an MA from UNC Chapel Hill in Art History.  Although my academic training is in Art History, I have spent many more hours in the studio as a potter and a painter.  I first taught art in the Prince William County public schools from 1998-2000, and in Loudoun County from 2000-2003. In 2003 I launched Smith Meadows Kitchen where my staff of three and I produce hand-made pastas, sauces, pot pies, empanadas and more for sale at farmers markets in the DC area.  La Capretta Studio began in 1998 when I moved to Berryville.  It is a small studio that has housed my work along with that of an apprentice, Lynsi Pasutti.  My current focus is on acrylic paintings, graphic design and photo montage. My works have been displayed at the bi-annual show in Millwood, VA; A Show of Hands Gallery in Alexandria, VA; and the studio itself has been included in the Clarke County Studio Tour.

I make delicious food from local ingredients, including meat and eggs raised where I live. With a staff that I enjoy tremendously, I am happy at work. I am happiest, however, when I am painting. It allows me to transcend everything. It is the best way I know to leave everything behind and truly be present.

My work is available to view in a small gallery attached to a studio with a surrounding garden full of herbs that I use in my kitchen. Come and visit. If not, you can view my art online with Flickr. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. You can contact me through the website or Flickr if you want to purchase or commission a piece.

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