Glazin up a storm!

My first attempt at glaze testing last fall turned out to

be quite the disaster. A combination of the kiln somehow getting too hot and the glazes perhaps mixed too thick created

a real mess. Not only were the kiln shelves damaged with glaze puddles and the tests inconclusive, but my spirit was crushed at the failure. Due to a time crunch, I forced myself to quickly regroup and fire the kiln half-filled with more glazeware (I had some wedding gifts that needed to be finished before I left for the wint

er). Luckily, I was able to finish my first internship term on a decent note rather than on such a disappointed one. Needless to say, I definitely had some unfinished business upon returning this spring.

Knowing that it’s part of my internship and knowi
ng it’s a good learning experience on top of having the opportunity to sell work at the Fire House Gallery and Shop in Berryville, I was able to jump right back into this glazing business. I decided it would be best to start back at squa
re one–measuring and mixing glazes–and luckily that go around was much more successful.

A great thing about
these glazes is that they are “textbook” glazes and have proven to be great and reliable glazes (except for that first time of course!). However, being “straight from the book” presents a problem in that many people have access to the recipes and therefore pieces are not very unique if they’re glazes are easily recognizable. Because of this, I plan on doing a triaxial blend test this week which involves varying percentages of three glazes on a number pieces.
My goal is to be quite ambitions over these next three weeks before I head back to the midwest for a quick visit to attend a wedding. I’m unloading a bisque kiln today in order to take a pot or two to Joy Bridy for her first wood firing! I’m planning on one other bisque kiln filled with more test pieces and wedding gifts. Then, the trick will be to get two glaze firings pushed through: one test firing and one concentrating on the favorites of the tests for the wedding gifts.

Wish me luck!

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