Hands, Faces, Comic Book Cover 2012

Wonder Woman #52 (cover art by John Byrne)
Wonder Woman #52 (cover art by John Byrne)

Our first project in Studio Art at CCS 2012 has been a comic book cover design inspired by Wonder Woman #52.  We started off slow with drawing our hands. The graphing technique was hit or miss. For some students it worked really well to help their brain slow down. For others, the need to stick to the graph hampered their creativity.  Below is a gallery of the project as it builds.

We moved on to drawing faces last week with the help of some models from the internet. There is a dearth of full proof guides to understanding the human face. I am convinced that continued practice and life experience improve one’s ability more than anything else. As my class is filled mostly with students from age 12-16, life  experience is in short supply, but enthusiasm abounds.

As I gave suggestions and drew over their initial sketches, some interesting things began to emerge. I have been very impressed with the way that my students organize and demonstrate knowledge. They may look lost or even bored occasionally, but their imagination is already rich with layers of interpretation. Perhaps there is something to being over-exposed to information CONSTANTLY.  Anime does have the adolescent mind firmly in its grip, but it is possible to untangle one from the grip of the other– I hope. It has provided a wonderful spring board for connection, as I loved drawing heros and heroines as a kid.

Peter Bashioum Hands
Bashioum Hands

The drawing to the right was completed by a student and me as we struggled to exchange ideas on the first day of class. It was slow going and awkward, but the result is so pleasing to me. It reminds me why I love working with students. To know that this student has already expressed his appreciation for a new view point that makes drawing FUN! again, is the best I can ask for as a teacher.

It has been a challenge teaching from a mobile pile of art supplies in the back of my car that explodes onto the tables of a room in a church each week. What I loved most about teaching in public schools was the ability to show off my students’ work at the end of each unit on the hallway outside my door. At the end of the year I hope to host a show of their best work here at La Capretta.  Until then, the website is a nice way to track our progress and act as a journal for my new life as an itinerant teacher.

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