Happy 2013

Resolutions Smezolutions! Watercolor on paper, 2013.


I should have a long list of projects, to do’s and goals. I do, but 2013 is feeling like  a year when I should step back and enjoy a little more. 2012 was full of challenges that left me with little time to paint or create: a revamped garden outside the studio, more time working in the kitchen with a downsize in Smith Meadows Kitchen Staff, teaching at Classial Cottage School, Cooking Camp for Powhatan, figuring out how to make videos for Smith Meadows.

With all that in mind, here is not a list of resolutions, but more maxims to start the year off right.


  • Less is more.
  • True wisdom is knowing what to overlook. ~W James
  • I will travel more and pack lighter.
  • Yoga and Walking is good.
  • This year I will paint.

With that now declared…


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