look out hallmark!

Nancy and I decided we should make some greeting cards out of our artwork…
Not quite a long time coming, but it has been a few weeks since we began this endeavor: after several visits to several stores over several days this past week, I’d say we’re finally on to something! We figured out the printer (sort of), we found the right cards and paper to print on, we bought a few key tools like a paper cutter (I bought some prismacolor stix!), and we went into sweat shop mode, slaving away over what we hope to sell.
Nancy chose several farm photos, water color paintings and sketches to print, and I took the next step with my colored pencil drawings: using those crazy puzzle piece squares (scanned, resized, printed, cut, and bordered).
I worked on these cards for a solid 12 hours on Saturday, not even realizing how the time flew by… whoops–guess I was a little focused.
Getting the website updated is a bit slow (as always), but for a preview of my cards, check out La Capretta’s website and check back soon for Nancy’s!

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