Off to Iowa and Minnesota

Lynsi and I are frantically preparing for a trek to Iowa and Minnesota to see her folks, friends and JD the potter. In midst of Thanksgiving frenzy that is fall here at Smith Meadows, it is difficult to uproot and leave– but we’re gonna do it. Lynsi will be staying “home” until she comes back to us in February. Her adventures will include learning to tile with her dad, a seasonal gig at Target (yuck!), a wedding, possibly a trip to Montana, and even a small internship at the Women’s Studio Workshop in NYC. I am very excited for her. Lynsi has been a tornado of activity in the last month. She cleaned my mom’s house top to bottom, finished making our test glazes, fired the tests, reloaded and fired again, enjoyed fall-like festivities & potlucks with her climbing crew, and managed to write her application for the internship in NYC. She is amazing.

As for the farm… the apartment for Lynsi is now at the drywall stage. When she returns to us in Feb she will have the distinct pleasure of living in our basement. The contractor and I are currently figuring out how to get West Virginia blue and gold tastefully on the walls down there. The basement will also double as Forrest’s man cave/entertainment area complete with pool table, collectable pop bottles from the 60’s, and poster-size paintings of his favorite comic book covers. We’ll report on this experiment with photos later.

As for me… I have continued to dabble in poetry, photography, drawing and painting. Oh, and of course– the bunny pot.

Although the painting is a nice translation of the original bunny drawing, the pot itself is lacking in many respects. (Pardon the horrible photo above.)
Surprisingly the solitary bunny on the opposite side presents a much more intriguing figure.
When I return from our trip I hope to get some more bunny pots together. In the mean time I am eagerly anticipating some time in a coffee shop to dive into my new red moleskine. Sadly, the moleskine of the last two years/plus was lost on a recent trip through Romney,WV on the Potomac Eagle. Needless to say, I was distraught. The only real value was the transition from essay writing to poetry that has been my most valued development in adulthood. Oh Well! Hope some turkey in West by God is able to understand some of what I wrote. To prevent such future heartache I have protected the new moleskine with the following.
Not only does this Hamsa contain my left hand, but also my star shaped scar and left eye. I dare anyone not to return this if it goes missing.

Lynsi and I will soon report with photos from the test glaze firing, and our trip to our relative North West. I will pack a lot of long underwear and sweaters.

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