Sketches and Perfection

That Cold February...  watercolor on paper, 2015.
That Cold February… watercolor on paper, 2015.

February was cold. Multiple farmers markets with below zero wind chills, snow storms, snow days at home, lots of kitchen products that did not sell and not enough eggs– it was rough! It’s not that I wanted to paint a perfect world. Habitrails are not ideal– running from one task to the next was the only way to stay sane through this month. The dead gardens remind me, however, that warm weather brings it’s own form of prison. The discomfort of cold makes a stark simplicity of what the mind perceives. There is an opportunity for rest in this. When I walked out the door this first Monday in March, it smelled like Spring, almost. As always, I am not quite ready…

The habitrail “ovums” are intended to be more like an iridescent chain of bubbles, rather than hard plastic containers. And yet there are air holes. It almost ruins the effect, but then again, nothing is ever perfect– especially for bunny. The hard shiny-ness of the tub and the complicated faucet remind me of ice. Ice is unforgiving in its perfection. It does exactly what water is supposed to do in very cold temperatures– hardly convenient for perambulating creatures. The water is warm, however, and there’s a happy rubber ducky to prove it, if not the rising steam I should have painted.

Winter skies fascinate me. They are dark even in daylight. I am tempted to repaint this one, because I didn’t get it quite dark enough, against the white snow. I suppose the blue ridge got in the way. There were enough edges and boundaries within this painting, so I did not include even the suggestion of a door or a window. In a bunny fantasy-scape, they are hardly necessary. Hot baths in a harsh landscapes with shoulds and woulds encased in plastic bubbles… This was my February 2015.

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