Some like it hot…

…When it comes to wood firing that is.

Clyde lit the kiln at 5am. Donna and Mizue were on shift when I arrived around 1pm. Splitting more wood and stoking was the name of the game until I left at 1am (I would have stayed later, but I had to get up before 6am to watch Linus–not much sleep!). The firing went fairly well, although slow and long–Mizue ended up staying up until 7am! A 26 hour firing has become more common for Mizue’s kiln although it was originially built to be an 8 hour firing (can you believe it?). I guess we didn’t quite make it to temperature and the cones never went down, but we’ll see how it went when we open her up on Saturday. Mizue thinks we were at high temp long enough for the pots to be okay, but only time will tell.

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