Spring 2014

Kleenex Crocuses (s)Spring… I wait for it every year with greater anticipation than I ever felt for my birthday. This winter was long, but I still feel like hibernating or downsizing, or something. So far 4 lambs have been brought to my door. Abandoned or rejected by overburdened or dead mothers, they need milk. Each of them already has a unique personality. The circumstances of their birth, Plain Dumb Luck, has made them my ward. It’s a group project, sort of. My 8 yr old son is still too young to fully understand schedules. His practical experience with sheep beyond Mine Craft has not been much more than petting them and hanging out with the flock on the farm. And so I mix the milk, heat the water, pour it into a bottle and help my son feed his new friends. It is such an incredible privilege to feed baby animals. Nothing is so precious.

lamb 2014But I am jealous of time. It is eaten faster than a plate of my pasta. So I have decided to paint small, quickly and whatever subject I want. The Smith Meadows calendar cards are on hold until I feel like it. My portraits have fallen away because of how much time and concentration they require. I gave away my wheel and many other tools to my apprentice Lynsi. (check out her website, it’s great!)  I don’t even want to look at the garden.

I’d like to write more, but I have a farm meeting at 11:30, 3 lambs to feed (one died), kitchen products to pack for market, my son’s violin to deliver to school by 3:30, and on and on and on….

almost-glamping-tiny-house-1In the mean time, I will dream of small portable houses that fly to a new enchanting location each night as I sleep– not unlike the Harry Potter’s Knight Bus. When I wake up, I’ll walk around to discover everything. I will eat delicious food from whatever farmer or farmers market I can find and trade with (my paintings?). And then I will come home to my house to paint with my very portable set of watercolors. Impossible? Of course, but it’s my dream, darnit!

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