What’s a gallery without any art?

From Lynsi

I was very excited to return to La Capretta after what seemed to be such a long winter. A number of changes had taken place since I left in November including new flooring, doors, and trim along the stonewall. Our hopes and dreams of creating a gallery and meditation space were finally coming together! There was just one thing missing: a hanging system. With Farm Day quickly approaching, a fire was lit within us to make it happen. With the help of my imagination and a good friend’s carpentry skills, we now have a space to be proud of.

Nancy and I decided to showcase some of her bunny prints for the grand opening on Farm Day. I am very happy with how it all came together and am excited for the future of La Capretta Gallery.

From Nancy
Just as Lynsi– I too was excited to see the new doors and floor in our gallery in March.  Thanks to Houseworks, we could now showcase art in La Capretta within a room much more inviting than a stained concrete floor for freezers.  I was scared to enter for some weeks after the room was complete.  Although I had been working on drawings and poems for most of 2009, I lacked the confidence to get it on the walls.  Lynsi’s return and the prospect of hosting 160 guests on Farm Day (May 1, 2010) was the perfect way to push me into motion.

My experience in galleries is limited to my college internships, but I remember the hanging system at the Dimock Gallery at GWU.  There were permanent braces on the wall from which works of varying sizes could be hung at “gallery height”.  With Lynsi and her friend Tom we were able to figure out how to hang rectangular hooks from permanently strung wire.  The trick was finding the right frames and hardware from our local stores.  Although the staff at Solenberger’s Hardware are the kindest and most patient souls on the planet, they don’t always carry a large supply of obscure hardware.  With 4 trips to Home Depot, 1 to Solenberger’s and 1 to Michaels, we were able to find what we needed.  The Bunny Pictures were ready by 5 pm on Friday April 30.
With Linda Mc Carty’s help Lynsi and I put the final touches on clean up and decoration.  We even had a fancy little brochure to accompany the show that I will post in a separate blog. 

Now all we needed were guests to appear.  Farm Day was hectic to say the least.  The complete tour of the farm, catered lunch, cooking demonstrations and B&B tour exhausted most of our guests.  Precious few were still hanging out by the end of the day to visit the gallery.  To my surprise a modest crowd did appear to take a look at the Bunny Prints.  Even the Horsts (the Menonite family who butchers our animals at Smith Meadows) came to look and sign the guest book.  How I wish I could have been a fly on the wall as they looked at Narnia or some of the other more surreal drawings. 

In spite of the modest response to our first show, Lynsi and I are energized to move on to other projects that will bring people to the gallery at La Capretta.  We are preparing to apply for the 2010 Clarke County Studio Tour and to host classes at the studio through Clarke County’s Core program.  We have started to organize artist retreats through the B&B, and we have also begun to invite other artists to showcase their work in the gallery.  Please visit our site for updates on all of these wonderful projects and contact us via email if you are interested.

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