–Will split wood for kiln space–

I’m starting to realize that if I were to name my own blog, it would be called “will work for…” seeing as I’m working in exchange for a place to stay and studio space, not to mention food, and am now adding splitting wood to the list in exchange for kiln space in Mizue Croswell’s wood kiln.

Lucky for her, I’m a hard worker: check out all that wood I split last night!

Of course, there is way more where that came from though…

Lucky for me, I get to woodfire! 8 bowls, 10 mugs, and 1 spoon plate:

Mizue finished loading her work while Donna Downing and I glazed ours. I used Mizue’s glazes, including temoku, tea dust, shino pearl, and the risky scrap glaze…

Then it was wadding and loading time until the kiln was full: Mizue finishing up the loading, which includes of course her work, but also mine and Donna Downing’s:

And don’t forget to brick up the door!

Tomorrow morning, Clyde (Mizue’s husband) will start the firing around 5 am… Fingers crossed; here we go!

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